Hi, my name is Kiki and I need a Bae.
Valentines day is almost here , And I'm looking for love.



About Me

There comes a time in a mans life when he must put his foot down , set his ego aside and lay all the cards on the table.. For me that will be next month. All I want for now is a valentine.

My name is Kiki, I'm an unemployed a freelance software developer with a passion for avocados.
I know this will be a turn off to many but I have no beard 24 strands of hair on my chin. This is despite all my efforts in prayer, fasting , chemical treatments and sowing seeds (Pastor Aledeke I want my money back).

As singleness awareness day draws nearer .. I am becoming increasingly aware of my singleness and I am turning to the internet to help solve my problem. Please help me find a bae.

If you are reading this and you are of the female desposition of single inclination holla at me in the contact form below. Everyone else is encouraged to share this.

Hope to meet you soon bae ;)


Day One: Still no bae.

Got 3 hits on my Contact Form Two were from me checking if that damn thing worked, and one was from a lady correcting my typo.

I have updated my profile and relaxed my stand on avocado-love to improve my chances.

My plight got featured on Techweez .

Got several friend requests on facebook ...mainly from men. I thought i was clear in my summary but i've updated it to reflect my frustration ... Sigh .

Hey bae ;)
Then I got Invited to this .. See you there! And as if all this was not already too much This This is getting crazy :D

Religion : Christian.

Occupation : Scientist, Philanthropist, Software developer

Hobbies : Random Things, Making Music , Poetry (*click the links*)

What I'm looking for : Female, Girl, Woman, Non-Male NONE-MALE , Chick.. Must share my love for avocados Must appreciate avocados

I'm in love 😍😍😍😍

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She came in the nick on of time


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