I have some good news :)  
♥♥♥ #KikiFoundBae ♥♥♥

I've archived the old page


{{add title later}}

Yes the title says it all ... I found bae :) .. not sure how much I should reveal here ... From our conversation, she is all shades of cool, she is non-male and she loves avocados ... what more could a man ask for. I'll keep y'all posted on twitter ... follow me @kmarima

Never thought that one day blogs will be written about me. A big shout-out to Techweez, Hapa Kenya, HBR (got to hang out with Della) and all the others out there who featured my "plight"

Big shout out to Capital in the morning and First Class Cars Concierge for offering to chauffeur me and Bae (feels weird typing that) on that big day . NTV were you for real about that kempinski story ?? ... Oh And safaricom offered me tickets to the jazz festival. Indomie also offered a box .... I'm still waiting ... Cocacola came through with some #bae4kiki cans.

I can't finish this without thanking y'all for sharing and making this thing trend. Hata sijui niseme nini. 

Yes.. #KikiFoundBae

Religion : Christian.

Occupation : Scientist, Philanthropist, Software developer

Hobbies : Random Things, Making Music , Poetry (*click the links*)

What I'm looking for : Female, Girl, Woman, Non-Male NONE-MALE , Chick.. Must share my love for avocados Must appreciate avocados

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